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Boujee Picnic was created through a love of creating experiences by our founder, Carissa Johnson. She has always enjoyed putting together events for friends and family through the years and has over 5 years of event creation and management experience. There is nothing like this in the Eastern Iowa area, so why not give our community this unique experience!

These boho themed picnics are perfect for a romantic date night, an evening out with friends OR a night out with the kids! We encourage our picnic-goers to bring their own food and beverage, but leave all the other logistics and details up to us - the picnic professionals. Add-ons are available for an additional fee and upon request. Have an idea in mind, but don't see an option? We would LOVE to help you with your picnic planning, so send us a message!

We hope you enjoy your picnic experience as much as we do, and make sure to tag us on social media. Remember - picnics don't have to be to boring; they can be boujee! 

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